Ingel Haven - Potter Valley, California

ingel haven

Potter valley, california

For six generations the Magruder family has been working a grass-fed cattle ranch in a town of only 646 people In Mendocino Country, CA.  As I have come to know the Magruders, I have realized that the only way the small ranch is able to function successfully is with everyone in the family working together tirelessly.  Whether its frozen rides at dawn to distant pastures, marking and branding by hand or cleaning the kitchen after dinner for 20, everyone is expected to help out.  This cohesion is directly tied to the fate of the ranch and is supported by the strong and complicated relationships contained within.

The more time I spend with the Magruders, the more I learn about the core family values which provide that foundation.  I also learn the importance of connecting by being present, following threads and pushing boundaries, and developing and nurturing meaningful relationships with others.

This work is about family.